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How To Increase Serotonin: Naturally & With Medication

how to increase serotonin with drugs

A widespread idea is that serotonin contributes to brain networks that regulate stress and anxiety. While other areas of the body produce serotonin, the chemical is most common in the brain. In people who are not experiencing depression, it is unclear whether increasing serotonin will be beneficial.

Other research on 5-HTP suggests longer treatment duration studies are needed. Tryptophan supplements contain more tryptophan than food, making them more likely to reach your brain. A 2021 review suggests tryptophan supplements can improve mood and decrease anxiety, though more research is needed.

Likewise, TCAs are known to increase blood sugar levels, meaning that there would be a high risk to those who have diabetes if they were to take this medication. Also, some other medications can have adverse reactions when taken alongside TCAs, such as EpiPens, which are filled with adrenaline. Using an EpiPen alongside TCAs could result in heart rhythm problems and high blood pressure. Some side effects that could occur as a result of taking this medication are fatigue, headaches, disorientation, sexual dysfunction, irregular heart rate, and weight gain.

Always talk with a doctor before trying any supplements or herbal remedies. However, they’re not a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor and should not be taken alongside other medications. Chronic (long-term) can you smoke shrooms read this before you do stress can negatively affect your body in many ways—including reducing the amount of serotonin that’s produced and circulated. Cortisol is a hormone released during periods of physical or mental stress.

Serotonin and mental health

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule, create a conducive sleep environment, and practice good sleep hygiene. Serotonin is crucial for mood regulation, and a lack of sleep can lead to imbalances in serotonin levels, potentially resulting in mood disturbances and negative emotions. Usually, medication can be prescribed for individuals suffering from a clinical mood disorder. This is often when the symptoms of low serotonin make daily life difficult for individuals. Most of the time, dangerously high serotonin is caused by drugs that increase serotonin activity.

how to increase serotonin with drugs